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So who is Eve? And why am I inspired by Her Story?

Throughout millennia Eve has been interpreted through a patriarchal lens. Conveniently shouldering the complete blame for being cast from Eden and punished as a consequence. A single bite of fruit resulting in generations of women being forced to live as second class citizens.

Often characterised as the archetypal femme fatale and a temptress, Eve’s actions in fact give humankind the gift of knowledge, curiosity and awareness. They move from a childlike existence of innocence into what can be interpreted as the responsibility of adulthood.

Interestingly Eve is actually not present when God commands Adam directly not to eat the forbidden fruit, her knowledge of the command is implied. So for Adam to take a bite too, having been directly ordered not to speaks of Eve’s powers of persuasion.

Suggested reading:

The Mother of All Femmes Fatales: Eve as Temptress in Genesis 3, Karen Edwards