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6 steps to create the perfectly curated Layered Necklace look...

To celebrate the launch of our Layering Necklace Sets we’ve put together our top 6 things to consider when experimenting with layering necklaces and how to get the maximum effect.


 1) Textural balance

Getting the balance of weight, density and texture of your layers is key to styling your layers. Getting the contrasts right can be hard, so make sure you play around enough until you strike the right balance. Try pairing contrasting textures, or alternating between dainty and chunky chains.


2) Focal points

Creating a focus point for your layers is a perfect way to add interest to your look. Meaningful pendants or charms work particularly well here. So try adding them to your plainer base chains for a more curated look.


 3) Length

Staggering the lengths of your necklaces may seem like an obvious tip, but it can be easily forgotten. Make sure you’re paying attention to where your pieces hang. If they have a pendant for example the next chain you put on needs to be slightly longer so you don’t confuse the eye with a messy focal point.


 4) Mixing Metals

Trust us, you really shouldn’t be afraid to go for it when it comes to mixing it up. Combining flashes of warm gold with cold glints of silver can make your layering look really stand out. Be brave and express yourself through your mixing jewellery. Rules were made to be broken after all.


5)  Consider your theme

Having something that ties all your necklaces together visually really helps make this look more considered and professional. Even if it’s just as simple as the same stone featuring on a couple of the pieces, or a similar style of jewellery paying attention to this level of detail really sorts the amateurs from the professionals when it comes to layering.


 6) Knowing when to stop

When you’re doing anything creative, knowing when to stop is crucial and so this last point is probably the hardest to get right. The best way to get the balance right every time is when you feel your look is complete remove the last necklace you put on. This simple trick will make sure you hit the ‘curated and considered’ styling sweet spot without going over the top.


If all this sounds like a little too much hard work for you then why not explore our new range of ready-made Layering Sets.