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Hey there, fearless trailblazer! If you've found yourself captivated by the incredible story of Artemisia, then you're in the right place. At Antonia Guise, we're all about celebrating the bold, inspiring women who have paved the way for us to shine. As a jewellery brand with a twist, we don't just create stunning pieces - we craft wearable tributes to the unsung heroines of history.

Meet Artemisia, the inspiration for our Artemisia Necklace and Bracelet, a fearless female Admiral from the ancient city of Halicarnassus. In a time dominated by men, she sailed against the male tide, commanding a fleet that rival the mightiest navies of her era. Her story is one of daring and defiance, a testament to her courage and cunning on the high seas.

Born in the ancient city of Halicarnassus in the 5th century BCE, Artemisia ruled during the overlordship of Xerxes taking command of the sate from her husband after his death. 

Artemisia emerged from the shadows to command a fleet that rivalled the mightiest of navies. In an era dominated by men, she stood as a beacon of female empowerment, defying convention.

Artemisia's journey to the helm of power was as tumultuous as the seas she navigated. Rising through the ranks, she earned the trust and respect of Xerxes I, the King of Persia, who entrusted her with command of his naval forces.

But it was on the battlefield of Salamis that Artemisia's legend was created. In a clash that would decide the fate of empires, she led her fleet with cunning and courage, outmanoeuvring her adversaries and leaving a trail of awe and admiration in her wake.



Artemisia, who moves me to marvel greatly that a woman should have gone with the armament against Hellas; for her husband being dead, she herself had his sovereignty and a young son withal, and followed the host under no stress of necessity, but of mere high-hearted valour. Artemisia was her name; she was daughter to Lygdamis, on her father's side of Halicarnassian lineage, and a Cretan on her mother's. She was the leader of the men of Halicarnassus and Cos and Nisyrus and Calydnos, furnishing five ships. Her ships were reputed the best in the whole fleet after the ships of Sidon; and of all his allies she gave the king the best counsels. The cities, whereof I said she was the leader, are all of Dorian stock, as I can show, the Halicarnassians being of Troezen, and the rest of Epidaurus.

— Herodotus VII.99.

Artemisia's legacy extends far beyond the realm of warfare. A patron of the arts and sciences, she cultivated a flourishing culture of creativity and innovation within her country. Poets sang of her valour, philosophers pondered her wisdom, and artisans immortalised her likeness in works of unparalleled beauty.

And yet, for all her triumphs and tribulations, Artemisia's name has often been relegated to the footnotes of history, obscured by the sands of time and the biases of those who chronicled her exploits.

As we delve into Artemisia's story, we should not only celebrate her victories but also reclaim her place in the pantheon of history's greatest heroes. For in her courage, her resilience, and her unyielding determination, we find inspiration to chart our own course and seize our own destinies, no matter the odds stacked against us.

Antonia Guise was founded by Antonia, a passionate historian and designer with a background in costume design, in 2018. Our mission is to empower modern women like you to embrace your own unique story and style. Each of our pieces is inspired by a trailblazing woman whose tale deserves to be told, from Eve to Mary Somerville.

Discover our Artemisia Knot and Fetter Bracelet and Necklace, inspired by the daring exploits of this amazing, forgotten female strategist.