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Divorce Rings; why it's a great idea to repurpose your Engagement Ring

Over the last few years we’ve had quite a few clients approach us about ‘Divorce Rings’ and Emily Ratajkowski's recent repurposing seems to have shone a light on the growing trend.

Under English Law, unlike other assets, an Engagement Ring belongs to the recipient outright. Rather than having it sitting around in a safe, or unloved in their jewellery box our client's come to us wanting their original engagement ring to be remodelled to into something completely different. We love this type of brief as reimagining jewellery from existing stone and metal really gets our creativity going. The finished pieces bear no-resemblance to the original jewellery and really reflect the excitement of beginning a different chapter in their lives.

Other clients absolutely can't stand the sight or thought of their ex-Engagement ring want to start again from scratch. Generally the briefs for these rings tend to lean towards commissioning bold, modern and unapologetic pieces (often featuring large, fancy cut diamonds!). 

Like any major life celebration, a divorce is part of our unique journey and life-story, so our clients come to us wanting to mark the end of it with something beautiful. The ring’s serve as both stunning consolation pieces, but also daily reminders of their inner strength and personal journeys.

I guess these women’s personal journeys have led them to realise something that we probably all should instinctively know - that we don’t need to wait around for the Men in our lives to gift us Diamonds and jewellery, we can and should go out and commission for ourselves, whatever the reason! 

If you've got an ex-Engagement ring sitting in your house unworn, why not drop Antonia an email and discover what it could become... 

Antonia recently spoke to The Telegraph about her thoughts on the topic, which you can read here