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Everything you need to know about Trilogy Engagement Rings…

The classic Trilogy Engagement Ring, sometimes known as a three-stone engagement ring, is making a bit of a come-back and it’s not hard to see why. The elegant and traditional layout of three stones is popular with stars and Royalty alike.

It was certainly good enough for Prince Harry who proposed to Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex with a stunning and classic diamond trilogy engagement ring.

The Trilogy Engagement Ring’s roots are said to be in the Victorian Era when chivalric romance was the height of desirability, and symbolism an integral part of the marriage journey. The three stones are said to represent the couple’s past, present and future together, as well as symbolising their love for each other. This made them a very desirable and fashionable choice for Men looking to propose.

Today this meaning still holds and is certainly one of the reasons why they make such a thoughtful design choice.

One of the main draws of the Trilogy Ring, other than their romantic symbolism, is that the style can be extremely versatile.

You can select any stone type, diamond or gemstone and any size or cut to create an elegant and attractive ring. This makes them very budget friendly. For example; if you’ve chosen a stunning diamond or mesmerising rare gemstone as the centre stone, two well-chosen, less expensive, side stones can do a great job of making the centre stone really stand out and become a centrepiece for the ring, without breaking the bank. 

The best thing about this design is that the design possibilities are literally endless, you can be as classic or modern as you like, as both options works really well.

A popular style and more classic style of Trilogy Ring features a round, brilliant cut stone with two round side stones, but this isn’t the only option. Other popular and classic combinations feature a round centre stone with two pear shaped side stones.

If you’re after something more angular and modern, three Emerald Cut stones is another stunning layout. The number of cut options and stone combinations mean that this is a layout that allows you to play around with options to create a totally unique ring that is guaranteed to be adored.

There are lots of detailing points which will make your ring completely unique which you need to consider when planning your Trilogy Engagement ring…


Stone quality

If you’re going to include diamonds then The Four  C’s need to be considered carefully (We’ve written a more in depth guide to the Four C’s here). Knowing where your budgeting priorities lie before beginning the process is really handy. For example: is the Carat (weight and size of the stone) the most important thing for you? Or is the Cut which affects the way the stone sparkles for example?

When it comes to Gemstones the grading systems are slightly different, but the stones can be just as valuable as diamond. Again, it’s important to know what your priorities are here so you have a clear direction and good place to start when selecting your stones.



This is often overlooked in favour of the more exciting stone choice, but is a key part of the design and can totally change the look or feel of a design. The best thing is to find out which colour metal your partner prefers (most people will have a metal preference) and take that as a starting point.

If they prefer yellow metals then there are two different qualities of Gold; 14ct or 18ct, to choose from.

If they prefer white metals then you have the choice of White Gold or Platinum. Platinum is the more expensive choice as it is more durable and doesn’t tarnish. White Gold comes in 14ct or 18ct like Yellow, but does tarnish due to it’s silver content.



Again, there are numerous and very different setting options for your stones. Each has its own look and feel and will have a huge influence on how the design looks.

The most common is the prong setting; metal claws which hold the stone in place.

The bezel setting is another super popular option. This is where a thin band of metal wraps around the stone to hold them in place.


If you’re ready to start your Trilogy Engagement Ring design journey, Antonia would love to help talk you through your options in more depth. Simply fill out this form and book in for a quick chat to get started.