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How to Design the Perfect Engagement Ring

Designing a bespoke engagement ring feels like a big deal. Which it absolutely should be, but that doesn’t mean that it should feel like an intimidating process.

In this blog Antonia answers some of the commonly asked ‘big’ questions about how to make the design decisions that lead you to the perfect ring.


Where do I start?

The start of any journey is always daunting. Some clients come to me knowing exactly what they want and others have no idea where to start. Both starting points are great platforms to work from. At Antonia Guise we start every engagement ring journey with an informal chat, mainly about you, your partner and your story. The aim is to find out as much about you both so we can advise and design the most perfect piece possible based on you. Our chat immediately allows us to suggest certain cuts, stones and styles that start the design journey to the perfect ring. The best piece of advice for everyone starting the journey is to discuss and explore as many different options as possible so you end up with the ideal ring. Antonia is of course on hand through out to discuss and guide you.


How much should I spend?


The three-months-salary rule is clearly not something to pay any attention to. Only you know how much you can spend and how much you want to spend. Of course, we can source you beautiful, D-flawless, 5 carat diamond for a show stopper price tag engagement ring, but equally we can source and design a classically elegant solitaire ring starting from £3,000. Whatever the budget we can work with you to explore your options.

What are the options at Antonia Guise?


The answer is endless! The only real limit is the budget we’re working with and your imagination. With bespoke design you end up with a truly unique piece of jewellery that completely reflects your relationship and love story.


How do I choose something timeless?


We don’t really follow trends at Antonia Guise. That’s not really the aim of bespoke design. The aim as we see it is to create something that you view as timeless. This is of course completely subjective, but if we have done our job properly and listened to everything you tell us about you and your partner then we believe that the design you settle upon will be truly timeless and more importantly unique.



Hopefully this article answers some of the big engagement ring questions you were worrying about. If you have any further questions then please do feel free to email us; and we will do our best to answer them. More information can be found about our Bespoke by Antonia Guise here.