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Why you should be thinking about an Engagement Ring re-design...


When it comes to precious jewellery, like engagement rings, we don't believe there is any shame in the fact that the design perhaps doesn't quite do it for you any longer.

After all you probably aren't exactly the same person now as when you go engaged. You've lived, grown and evolved - so expecting jewellery to still hit the same spot as it once did seems a little absurd, as does leaving beautiful stones and metal un-worn in a jewellery box. 

We often get clients coming to us feeling a little embarrassed about requesting a re-design and not commissioning something completely new. We believe that it’s a really sensible, and cost effective thing to consider doing, especially if you no longer love or wear your precious pieces and aren’t sure what to do with them.

The images featured in this blog were from a client who wanted to breathe new life into her old, slightly dated, engagement ring, which no longer suited her lifestyle.

Using all the metal and stones from her original ring we turned her beautiful floral cluster diamond ring into two new rings; a classic and super modern solitaire ring and a matching half eternity shaped band to pair with it, giving her a more modern look and the flexibility she was after. 

So if your jewellery could use some love in 2023 head to our Bespoke Page and discover more about our custom Jewellery re-design service…